Thursday, March 4, 2021

Gordie Howe bridge art project completed on Walpole Island

An art project on Walpole Island, which is set to be showcased in Windsor during the construction of the new Gordie Howe International Bridge, has wrapped up.

The second phase of the project was completed this week and the pieces, featuring the art work of Daisy White, from Walpole Island, and Naomi Peters, of Caldwell First Nation, has been shipped to Windsor.

The first two pieces of art work, designed by Teresa Altiman, of a bald eagle and a bear and its cubs, had already been sent to Windsor in September.

White, who is only 17, designed the piece featuring Turtle Island and the sun.

Peters’ design featured a native hoop dancer.

Dana Haggith caught up with Peters and White for an interview. Listen, below:

Here are some photos from earlier this week at the Walpole Island Sports Complex, where the project has taken place:

Walpole Island resident Paul White told the Sydenham Current last month that he was approached by representatives from the Gordie Howe International Bridge in late June of this year.

White then put a team together, which included artists, volunteers and some of the construction crew from his own business.

The Walpole Island team came up with the designs and the bridge committee interpreted the designs and enlarged them, in order for the Walpole crew to paint the bigger images on a series of panels, White said.

There are two concrete columns that suspend the bridge being built in Windsor, he added. This is where the art will be displayed for approximately two years, while the rest of the bridge is being completed.

White said there are about 16 people involved in the art project, all from Walpole Island, except for Peters, who is from Caldwell First Nation, near Leamington.

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