Thursday, February 25, 2021

Mobile Market receives $40,000 donation from Libro Credit Union

The Prosperity Roundtable has announced that its project, the Mobile Market, is partnering with Libro Credit Union to expand and grow the market for another year across Chatham-Kent.

Libro Credit Union has donated $40,000 toward the initiative.

“We are ecstatic to be working with Libro Credit Union to increase access to affordable produce across Chatham-Kent,” stated Phillip Mock, Project Coordinator of the Prosperity Roundtable, in a media release.

“They are just as passionate and dedicated as we are about making a positive impact in our community. It is great to have such a strong partner to expand the Mobile Market in new directions.”

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The Mobile Market, which started in September of 2020, was initially created to help bring local, affordable produce to communities across Chatham-Kent impacted by COVID-19, Prosperity Roundtable officials say.

In the last six months, it has grown rapidly due to significant community support and interest.

The Mobile Market has nearly tripled the number of customers it serves and is up to 300 boxes purchased per week.

While out in the community, the Mobile Market learned various lessons from customers, including the value of providing recipes and tips about how to use, cook, and store produce.

These lessons have led them to concentrate on five main areas: food knowledge, food affordability, food access, food justice, and buying local, Prosperity Roundtable officials say.

“The Mobile Market makes an impact,” said Heather Tulloch, Community Food Connector, in a media release.

“We know this because we have been fortunate to get to know our customers, and their stories. When you hear that someone is on track to stop using medications or that families are reconnecting during tough times, it just shows how the Mobile Market is needed in the communities across Chatham-Kent.”

In focusing on addressing food accessibility in Chatham-Kent, Libro Credit Union is keeping with their promise of helping to grow prosperity in communities across Southwestern Ontario, Prosperity Roundtable officials say.

“We believe in the power of partnerships, because together we amplify our impact in the community,” stated Natalie Close, Lambton, Kent, Middlesex Regional Manager, Libro Credit Union, in a press release.

“We’re proud to support the Mobile Market and their wholesome approach to tackling local food accessibility issues. Sourcing produce from local farms, making food accessible and affordable while empowering community members through food literacy, really resonates with us.”

Libro Credit Union has deep roots in agriculture and continues to support more than 3,200 farm and agri-business owners in southwestern Ontario, Prosperity Roundtable officials added.

Local food accessibility is one of Libro’s key focus areas and one of the biggest challenges facing the region, making the Mobile Market a well aligned partner.

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