Tuesday, April 20, 2021

TBT: Martin Outboard Motors, sold in Wallaceburg

Throwback Thursday is sponsored by the Haycock-Cavanagh Funeral Home in Wallaceburg:

The above photo showcases Martin Outboard Motors, that were sold out of Wallaceburg.

Here are more details:

“In the post war years, Martin line of outboard motors were very popular and plans were made to manufacture them at the National Pressure Cooker Co. plant right here in Wallaceburg. They never were but the Canadian sales outlet was located here.

Named after its developer and former professional boat racer George Martin. The engines were well built and had innovative new features. Production began in 1946 and continued in 1954.”

Here is an advertisement for the motors:

Thanks to the Wallaceburg & District Museum for the photos and details, which are on display at their 505 King Street location in Wallaceburg.

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