Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Wallaceburg Legion – Branch 18 at The Forks

Your Branch 18 at the Forks is open for PATIO SERVICE . 4 per table and there is room for 56. Patio open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 2pm. Masks to be worn when away from tables, as before.
Enter by the front entrance (mask on as usual) go downstairs and sanitize, then one way to the signin just before the bar. Order and pay for your drinks/snacks and proceed out the back door to patio.
The Branch is short on umbrellas because of previous breakins, so wear a hat/sun protection.
IF IT RAINS – you have a couple of choices – sit in the rain or drain your beverage and go home. You cannot relocate into the building – CKPHU rules in this part of the reopening.
You can go inside to use the bathrooms or to get another beverage/snack. When away from table – mask on, as before.
It is gorgeous weather so – Come on Down!
All clothing and drink specials are still in effect.

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