Lambton Wildlife Inc. looking to expand & preserve the Sydenham River Nature Reserve

Lambton Wildlife Inc., LWI, Lambton County’s leading naturalist organization, has an urgent – and rare – opportunity to purchase a 100-acre piece of land to grow the spectacular Sydenham River Nature Reserve and protect threatened Carolinian habitat forever.

“Lambton Wildlife Inc. was a partner in the initial Sydenham River Nature Reserve purchase, and we now have the opportunity to have an even bigger impact. Large tracts of forest are incredibly rare in southern Ontario,” Tanya Berkers, LWI President, said in a media release.

“This reserve will protect the largest remaining forest along the Sydenham River, and will remain a home for turtles, birds, rare Carolinian plants, and countless other species. We’re inviting all residents of Lambton County to join us in protecting this beautiful area.”

LWI is partnering with Ontario Nature and the Sydenham Field Naturalists to expand the reserve by over 50%.

Groups officials say the region sits in the Southern Ontario Carolinian zone, which is both Ontario’s most densely populated and threatened ecological region.

The Carolinian zone is home to more flora and fauna species than any other ecosystem in Canada.

“The extent of habitat loss in this region is staggering,” group officials say.

“98% of Carolinian habitat has been destroyed by development. We must act to conserve any land in this region we have left and protect the critical habitat of over 30 endangered animals and plants forever.”

LWI has committed $45,000 to the purchase of this property, but we still need help to raise the $625,000 needed by December.

Learn more about the prospective Sydenham River Nature Reserve expansion at and

Lambton Wildlife Inc. is non-profit, volunteer, naturalist organization that was founded in 1966.

They are a registered charity that is dedicated to the conservation, preservation, and protection of the natural environment in Lambton County.

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