Sunday, October 17, 2021

Investigation into Wheatley gas leak moving forward

Investigators continue to make progress regarding the source of the intermittent gas leak occurring in Wheatley’s downtown core.

Municipal officials say the Wheatley technical team is planning to have soil vapour monitoring probes installed at various strategic locations near the origin of the surface leak.

This work is commencing later this week and will assist engineers to determine the actual location of the source.

Gas monitoring continues around the clock.

Data collected during the gas release of October 8 confirms the source is a naturally occurring gas typically found in the area that originates 300 meters or deeper below the earth’s surface.

The area is currently stable but as experienced this past Friday, this can change at any time.

A careful step-by-step process of elimination is required to safely determine the source of the gas leak and the appropriate mitigation actions.

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