Friday, August 12, 2022

‘Coach Aaron’ among the 2021 Wallaceburg Sports Hall of Fame award winners

The Wallaceburg Sports Hall of Fame has announced their 2021 annual award winners.

Included in the list of recipients was the late Aaron VanDorsselaer, who was named as the 2021 Builder of the Year award winner.

Community Living Wallaceburg Photo

VanDorsselaer was the head coach for the Wallaceburg Wolves, a team comprised of clients from Community Living Wallaceburg.

VanDorsselaer died suddenly on November 28, 2021 at the age of 36.

Read his obituary, here.

“A very special congratulations to the late Aaron VanDorsselaer and the VanDorsselaer family for being the Wallaceburg Sports Hall of Fame 2021 Builder of the Year,” Community Living Wallaceburg officials posted on social media.

“Aaron had an unforgettable career at Community Living Wallaceburg, from 2005 to this past September. Not only was Aaron a dedicated and caring Direct Support Professional to his co-workers and the people he supported, he also was ‘Coach Aaron’ to his baseball team; The Wallaceburg Wolves.”

Community Living Wallaceburg officials added: “Our community at Community Living Wallaceburg remembers Aaron through his big heart, passion to help others and ability to make anyone smile. Our Agency is delighted to know his legacy will continue to create an impact in our community.”

In a past Community Living Wallaceburg posting, VanDorsselaer said the main reason the kept coming back to coach the Wolves every year was “actually quite selfish.

“I love to see the look on a parents face the first time their son or daughter goes up to bat. Or the look on a player’s face the first time they hit the ball. Each player has so much pride in themselves by the end of the season. This team is supportive of each other and helps each other out-something you don’t see with other teams. I asked one player last week why he likes coming to baseball and he told me he comes back because he likes having fun and making friends. You can’t beat that,” VanDorsselaer had stated.

The Wallaceburg Sports Hall of Fame also announced Emily VanDamme and Tyler Davis as the 2021 Athletes of the Year and Bill Bunda as the 2021 Coach of the Year.

Sports Hall of Fame officials say their awards banquet has been postponed until further notice.

Watch for more details as they become available.

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