Thursday, May 19, 2022

SIU clears C-K police officer after a woman was injured during a crash in Blenheim

No charges are being laid against a Chatham-Kent Police officer, stemming from a collision and a serious injury suffered by a woman in Blenheim.

Special Investigations Unit (SIU) officials say the Director of the SIU, Joseph Martino, has found no reasonable grounds to believe that a Chatham-Kent Police Service officer committed a criminal offence in connection with a collision that led to the serious injury of a 27-year-old woman in Blenheim last September.

SIU officials say on September 23, 2021, police received a 911 call about a home invasion in progress.

While en route to the scene, an officer observed a vehicle that had stopped before accelerating away.

The officer pursued the driver.

A short time later, the driver entered the gravel shoulder and lost control before rolling over a few times.

A man who was in the vehicle fled and two women remained inside.

The officer assisted the occupants and called for paramedics.

The investigation suggests that one of the women suffered a dislocated hip.

Director Martino concluded that the officer was in the lawful execution of his duties at the time and that he demonstrated due care and regard for public safety during the brief pursuit, SIU officials say.

Accordingly, the file has been closed.

To read to full director’s report, click here.

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