Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Letter: Final ‘Susan Spiel’ held in Wallaceburg

Our last Susan Spiel was held on December 4, 2021.

Since Susan’s passing in 2006 this bonspiel has raised just over $70,000.

These funds have been used to purchase smart boards, text books, iPads, programmable robots, readers and library books for local schools.

In addition these monies allowed us to bring in authors, musicians, artists and storytellers to inspire our young students.

They also permitted us to do community based events at the Jeanne Gordon Theatre, our public library and the former Sydenham Residence.

None of this would have been possible without the support of the Sydenham Community Curling Club and its members.

To everyone who curled over the years, thank you for your participation.

We will remember all the good times had on and off the ice.

We would like to thank our dedicated volunteers led by Brian and Sue Skinner, Henry and Barb Jaruga and Rick Nead.

A thank you to the dish staff Brad and Diane Blackburn and Don Burgess.

To all those people who contributed prizes, especially Brad Eggett at New Vision, Jane Nead at Beauty Encounter, Al and Kevin at Express Yourself and Community Living.

Thanks to Bill Springett, for supplying all the lunch meats for our spiel.

A big hug to Jean Bolt whose pottery creations graced our auction table every year.

A shout out to Greg Heatherington at CKXS Radio for giving our little bonspiel a voice.

This spiel would not have been so successful if it were not for Mark Childs and his staff at the Black Goose for all of their wonderful dinners.

To Becky Stolicker for her delicious deserts.

We would like to recognize Peter and Brenda Glasgow and family for their donation of the Christmas cheer boxes.

The contents of which made it very easy to sell raffle tickets.

To our committee members Sharon Smith, Nancy Stewart, Lindsey Talach and Bob and Kareen Springett, thanks for your inspiration and direction.

Bob and Kareen also deserve a special nod for all their work on the quizzes that befuddled curlers who may have thought they were smarter than a fifth grader.

To all the people who have helped share in this journey, your efforts have educated and inspired a whole generation of our young students to read, learn and grow.

Thank you from:

Mark, Heather, Olivia and Natalie Talach, Jamie, Chris, Jackson and Kaitlyn Weishar, Lindsey Talach and Broni Talach.

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