Monday, October 3, 2022

Work continues in Wheatley

The provincial contractor is currently demobilizing equipment for the site of APEC 1 in Wheatley, Municipal officials say.

“Yesterday a gas migration survey was completed around the municipal parking lot with some trace amounts of methane being detected at the location of APEC 3,” Municipal officials said in a media release.

“The team will be sequestering the gas to try to collect enough volume for a sample. The gas analysis will be reviewed and compared with previous samples to determine next steps. The methane levels are extremely low, there is no H2S detected and there is no risk to the public or staff on site.”

Municipal officials added: “The Municipality of Chatham-Kent would like to thank Don Shropshire for his work and leadership in the Municipality‚Äôs response to Wheatley. Don will be retiring from his duties as lead for Wheatley. Fire Chief Chris Case will assume the role as lead, working closely with Chief Administrative Officer, Michael Duben, provincial officials and local residents.”

In the meantime, residents are reminded that if at any time you detect the smell of gas, to immediately call 9-1-1, Municipal officials added.

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