‘Grandparent Scam’ pops up in Chatham-Kent, police issue fraud warning

Chatham-Kent Police Service officials allege: This week, the Chatham-Kent Police responded to a fraud complaint in Howard Township.

Through investigation, police learned the victim received a call from someone posing as their grandson.

The “grandson” advised he and his friends were stopped by the police while driving, and the officer arrested him after a gun and drugs were found in the car.

The “grandson” asked the victim for a significate amount of money to bail him out of jail.

The victim was also told there was a “gag order” in place, which prohibited them from telling anyone about the incident.

The victim wired the money to the “grandson” but it didn’t stop there.

The “grandson” continued to contact the victim with other stories and requests for more money.

The Chatham-Kent Police are currently investigating the matter.

The Chatham-Kent Police Services would like to remind the public to use caution if they receive a phone call from people claiming to be a family member (Grandchild) in trouble and requiring money.

Please review the tips and things to know about the Canadian Criminal Justice System below.

Fraudsters will use panic, threatening language, or an aggressive tone to scare you into making payments. Please don’t do it. Call someone for advice.

Tips to keep yourself safe:

– Take time to think. The fraudster will make it sound urgent to pressure you.

– Contact the family member in question. Emotions might be running high but take the time to check.

– Ask questions only family members would know.

– Call someone you trust or the police for an opinion about the call (fraudsters will say they don’t want anyone to know because they are embarrassed or there’s a gag order in place).

– Do not send any money.

Things to know about the Canadian Criminal Justice System:

– Police Services hold people for bail for very particular reasons, and very seldom does it require a deposit of money. If a deposit is needed for bail, it will be through the court system. The exchange will ONLY occur at the courthouse.

– Police Services and the Ontario Court of Justice will NEVER attend your home or send a courier to retrieve money from you.

– Police Services and the Ontario Court of Justice will NEVER ask you for gift cards as payment.

If you live in Chatham-Kent and believe you or someone you know has been a victim of this scam, please call 519-352-1234.

For more information on how to recognize and protect yourself from a scam, please see https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/corporate/security/protect-yourself-against-fraud.html

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