Monday, January 30, 2023

Dragons Elite in Wallaceburg receives $10,000 Canadian Tire Jumpstart grant

Dragons Elite Gymnastics and Cheer in Wallaceburg has received a $10,000 Canadian Tire Jumpstart grant.

“We are incredibly thankful to receive another Community Development Grant from Jumpstart for $10,000,” the group says.

“This grant will go to expanding our programming to include a new set of classes geared primarily to boys, to encourage physical activity in a fun way. These classes have elements of “ninja” and “parkour”, which includes gaining skills in endurance and agility through timed obstacle courses, as well as tumbling and balance exercises.”

The group added: “We are offering these classes as co-ed but hope to appeal especially to boys who are under represented in our current mix of classes.”

The group is running an online auction from until December 3, 2022 to promote the new program.

Also, the group said registration for their winter session will launch on December 5.

Details will be shared on their Facebook page and their website at

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