Sunday, September 24, 2023

Dresden Meat Packers – Steak deal!!

Steak lovers, this is the post you’ve been waiting for!

I’ve got 8 bags of T-bones (frozen)! What’s so amazing about the bags you ask? Well let me tell you!
Each bag is 10lbs!! That’s right 10lbs of T-bone steaks! What’s better then having 10lbs of steak? What about paying only $90!?
That’s right, a 10lb bag of T-bone steaks for $90!! Some steaks in the bags are singles and some have 2 per pack.

This is a first come first serve. We will not be holding them for anyone. 1 bag per customer. Once they are gone, there is no more. I will keep this post updated on our Facebook page so everyone knows when we sell out.
Open tomorrow at 8am!!

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