Monday, January 30, 2023

Soccer passion on Sunday?

From The Pastor’s Pen – By Brian Horrobin

Back in November and December, although it is one of my busiest times of the year in ministry, yet I could not pull myself away from the comprehensive coverage of the men’s World Cup of soccer.

Not only was Canada in this prestigious tournament for the first time since 1986 but there was also just a continuous flow of great games to watch daily.

Every single one of the 32 teams in this championship had their devoted following of patriotic fans who gathered to watch and cheer their team on.

The atmosphere in Qatar was simply electric and left me wishing I could have been there to take it all in.

Soccer, or football as it is properly called, is a sport that is known around the world.

Unlike hockey, which is popular in Canada and other cold-weather countries, soccer is the “beautiful game” and is much more global in its impact.

Every country in the World Cup desires to be the one that comes out on top and be declared the world champion.

Fans, as such, pour so much energy and passion into getting behind their country’s players.

The thought occurred to me: what if such passion was channeled into our relationship with the Lord?

Would there be tailgate parties in the church parking lot a couple of hours prior to every Sunday service?

Would one of the name brand clothing companies put together a special logo and provide merchandise for people to wear to show their ardent love for their Saviour?

Would there be a video assistant referee (VAR) available each Sunday to reiterate any key sermon points?

Honestly, though, we take our sports teams quite seriously so why can’t we channel some of that passion into our pursuit of the Saviour?

Only time will tell!

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