Input sought for Chatham-Kent Water and Wastewater Master Plan

The Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Master Plan Study to develop strategies for water and wastewater servicing to accommodate existing service areas and future growth.

A Public Information Centre is being held in an online format and is scheduled to be available for viewing from now until the comment period closes on February 10, 2023.

“After many years of low to negative growth, CK is experiencing an unexpected growth during the last couple of years which is driving demands for improvements and upgrades to local water and wastewater infrastructure,” PUC officials say.

“The project consists of the development of a municipal wide Water and Wastewater Master Plan. The Master Plan Study will be completed in accordance with the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act and will follow Approach #1 of the Municipal Engineers Association Municipal Class EA that will lay out a project road map for near term, intermediate and long term requirements to service future growth needs as directed by the CK Official Plan.”

PUC officials added: “A Master Plan is an important part of a planning process for improved municipal water and wastewater infrastructure and provides the foundation for individual projects to be implemented by the municipality. Based on study findings and input from the public, master plan reports identify recommended sets of water and wastewater projects, capital cost estimates and projected implementation schedules.”

The entire planning process will be documented in a final Water and Wastewater Master Plan study that includes a suite of municipal infrastructure projects and their MCEA Schedule, to be implemented over the planning horizon in support of the Official Plan, PUC officials added.

To provide comments, visit the Let’s Talk Chatham-Kent page that has been created, here.

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