Donations sought to purchase jerseys for the WDSS Boy’s Hockey Program in Wallaceburg

The WDSS Athletic Department is currently canvassing for donations to help offset the cost of purchasing new jerseys for the boys’ hockey program.

“We are seeking partnerships that will allow us to achieve our goals as a school and as an athletic department, while also promoting athletics within the community,” said Brenna Youlton, Health and Physical Education Curriculum Leader at WDSS.

“Last year WDSS did not have a boys’ hockey team for a few reasons, one of which was the lack of interest. Because we did not have the numbers required to put a team on the ice, we did not need to worry about replacing the seventeen-year-old jerseys we are currently working with.”

Youlton added: “This year, we are anticipating more than 30 boys trying out for the team, which means we will need to replace the current jerseys that are ripped and torn and many years old. Replacing these jerseys would not only help the development and sustainability of the boys’ program, but also allow us to dress these young men and help to build team morale.”

Youlton said donations for jerseys would allow their athletic budget to be stretched to cover many of the additional expenses throughout the season, including: the purchase of pucks/equipment, socks, facility/ice time rentals for practices and games, helping to keep sports affordable for students and their families and providing opportunities to low-income families, as well as paying local referees and officials.

Youlton said below is an example of how donations would be used towards the purchase of new jerseys.

– Individual Donation – $200 donation – used to purchase a home and an away jersey for one player.

– Bronze Level Donation – $500 donation – used to purchase two home and away jerseys for both goalies.

– Silver Level Donation – $1,000 donation – used to purchase four to five home and away jerseys.

– Gold Level Donation – $2,000 donation – used to purchase a set of either home or away jerseys.

– Title Level Donation – $4,000 donation – used to purchase all jerseys, both home and away.

Email Youlton at or call the school at 519-627-3368 ext.12548 to discuss further.

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