Don’t forget to remember

From The Pastor’s Pen – By Brian Horrobin

As we get set to celebrate another Remembrance Day this week, my mind goes back to something my father, a WW2 Royal Canadian Air Force veteran once shared with me.

As a young boy I had wondered how the military was able to convince all those men and women to sign up for the war.

My young mind imagined nothing but fear being at the forefront of those called to serve our country.

I will never forget my father’s response.

He told me that he and his buddies, and pretty much most of those young people at that time, willingly enlisted to serve their country.

Far from trying to get out of their responsibility, they readily accepted the challenge.

I realize there were also draft dodgers, but many saw this opportunity to serve their country as a badge of honour.

The same is true today for our men and women of uniform.

We live in a free country but many in this world of ours do not.

This is particularly true when we think of places like Ukraine and Israel at this time.

It is for that reason that Canada sends troops abroad so that while protecting our own borders we also seek to protect those of our fellow man.

I encourage you to attend a Remembrance Day service this week and take time to thank God for the freedom you enjoy.

Pray also for those who have served in the past and are presently wearing the uniform.

They are serving willingly, so let’s get behind them and show our support.

Regardless of your position on war, it is a fitting thing to pray for those in combat and ask God to keep them and their families safe.

Let’s remember them!

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