Alarming trend of unclaimed and surrendered dogs in Chatham-Kent

Chatham-Kent’s animal shelter, Pet and Wildlife Rescue, is experiencing a significant increase in the number of lost, abandoned and surrendered dogs this year, which is putting a strain on its operational budget.

“To date, we have taken in over 500 dogs, which is a 30% increase in the number of strays, as well as a 60% increase in surrenders,” stated Myriam Armstrong, Operations Manager at Pet and Wildlife Rescue, in a press release.

“Providing care for dogs can be quite costly, between medical care and food. We are definitely seeing an impact to our operating budget.”

Although the reasons vary for the influx of dogs, Armstrong believes that the economy and the fallout of an adoption boom during COVID could be what’s contributing to the increase.

“Rising costs are putting a strain on households, and we are seeing this as well in the increased usage of our pet food bank,” Armstrong added.

“We are also experiencing the fallout of the COVID pet adoption boom, where people are back to their normal lives and just don’t have the time or resources to give to a pet.”

PAWR officials say to help combat the rising costs experienced by Pet and Wildlife Rescue, they have recently launched Under One Roof, where funds raised will go to costs associated to the daily care of the animals, as well as to replenish its emergency medical fund.

If you would like to help, visit and click on Donate, or call the Chatham office at 226-996-9969.

Pet and Wildlife Rescue is a registered charity in Chatham-Kent whose main mission is to raise animal care standards in the community.

Their mission is carried through several programs which include finding suitable homes for surrendered or abandoned pets through fostering and adoption, providing temporary animal care to local pet owners in distress, operating a pet food bank, and assisting orphaned or injured wildlife through their volunteer team.

Their organization is contracted by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to provides animal control and pound services for the county.

On average, Pet and Wildlife Rescue provides access to medical care and provides every day care to more than 3,000 animals per year

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