Notice of Public Meeting to Consider an Official Plan Amendment to Adopt the Wallaceburg South Side Secondary Plan

Notice of Public Meeting to Consider an Official Plan Amendment to Adopt the Wallaceburg South Side Secondary Plan (WSSSP)

Take Notice that the Council of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent will consider an amendment to Chatham-Kent Official Plan, under Section 21 of the Planning Act, R.S.O.1990, c.P.13, concerning the Wallaceburg South Side Secondary Plan.

And Take Further Notice that the Official Plan Amendment will be heard by Municipal Council on the date and at the time shown below:

Date: Monday, March 18, 2024
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Chatham-Kent Civic Centre, Council Chambers
Address: 315 King Street West, Chatham ON

Purpose and Effect:

The purpose of the Public Meeting is to provide the public and Municipal Council with an opportunity to review Draft 2 of the Official Plan Amendment for the Wallaceburg South Side Secondary Plan (WSSSP). It is also to advise that this document will be considered for adoption by Municipal Council at this meeting. Draft 2 of the Concept Report, which is a background document that supports the WSSSP, is also available for review.

The WSSSP is intended to set a 20+ year vision for the secondary plan area on a range of planning and policy themes, including infrastructure, housing, mobility, parkland, recreation, arts, culture, and heritage, amongst other themes. The secondary plan area is bounded to the north by the Sydenham River, to the east by Murray Street, to the south by a railway corridor, and to the west by McNaughton Avenue. A key map is provided at the link below.

Adoption of the WSSSP will introduce the following structures and associated goals, policies, and implementation elements identified for each, applicable only to the secondary plan area:

/ Activity Areas Structure (Placeknowing and placemaking)
/ Parkland Network Structure (Community wellness)
/ Mobility Network Structure (Safety and connectivity)
/ Land Use Policy Structure (Encouraging growth)
/ Intensification Areas (Managing growth)

The WSSSP and the supporting Concept Report are available online at

Any Person may attend the public meeting and/or make written representation in support of or in opposition to the information presented. Those who wish to address Council respecting this matter are requested to notify the Municipal Clerk’s Office by telephone prior to the meeting at 519.360.1998.

For more information about this matter, including information about appeal rights, contact Chatham-Kent Planning Services at or 519-360-1998.

If You Wish to be notified of the decision of the Corporation of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent on the proposed official plan amendment, you must make a written request to the Municipal Clerk, Municipality of Chatham-Kent, at the address below.

Municipal Clerk’s Office
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
315 King Street West, PO Box 640
Chatham ON N7M 5K8
Phone: 519.360.1998
Fax: 519.436.3237

Dated at the Municipality of Chatham-Kent this 21st day of February, 2024.

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