Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Freddie went missing in Mitchell’s Bay

Freddie has been missing since last night. Last seen on Angler Line near Mitchell’s Bay. Keep your eyes peeled for a very...

Stray from Pain Court is now at animal shelter

Stray found in Pain Court. If this is your dog let us know. PAWR (Pet and Wildlife Rescue) 226-996-9969.

Two missing Dogs from Grande Pointe area.

Two females are missing. An Alaskan Malamute and a King Shepard. If spotted, please contact Jamie at 519-980-3377.

PAWR animal shelter is running low on towels.

Pet and wildlife rescue are running very low on towels.If you are able to help, reception is open until 5pm today and...

Missing cat from Bruinsma Ave, Wallaceburg

Girlie is a 2 year old fixed, microchipped female cat missing from the Bruinsma Ave area in Wallaceburg. If you see her...

Jubi is missing in Wallaceburg

She was spayed on June 2, and escaped by Jaycee Park in Wallaceburg. Owners have walked and circled the neighborhood the last...

Missing from William St. area in Wallaceburg

This female cat should be wearing a pink collar with the yellow microchip tag attached.If seen please contact 226-626-9788.

Missing cat from Warwick Dr. Wallaceburg

Small black cat with pink band around her neck. She ran away out the back door. If seen please contact 226 542...