Friday, March 31, 2023
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Love of animals sparks fundraiser in Wallaceburg

A girl with a big heart and a love of animals has launched a fundraiser in Wallaceburg. Community Living Wallaceburg officials say Tascha has been...

UPDATE: home safe. Blind dog is missing in Tupperville

Lily is missing in the Glasgow line area of Tupperville, this is along the river. If you see her please message Kylee...

Dog picked up on James St. In Wallaceburg

This Girl was found running free on James St. in Wallaceburg. If she's yours or you have any info on her please...

Reward for this missing kitty from Wallaceburg

This is a 1yr old kitty Sir Chunks and he has been missing since November 24, 2022 (2Mths). At this point his...

Molly is missing from Wallaceburg

Molly is missing from the Our Lady of Help Church area. If you see her please contact Kelly HERE.

Cat found on Henry St. In Wallaceburg

If you recognize this kitty please contact Yvonne HERE.

Cat found on University Ave, Wallaceburg

If you know this female tabby, please message Lisa HERE.

Cat found on Elgin St, Wallaceburg

If you recognize this cat please contact Adrienne HERE.