Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Chatham-Kent Election 2014: No Bull


The Sydenham Current is launching a brand new feature for the 2014 Chatham-Kent Election called: No Bull.

Our intent with this feature is to resemble more of a debate format, with a feel of “questions from the floor.”

We wanted the candidates to sweat a little bit, not just put a form in front of them to fill out. We wanted to see how they perform under pressure!

We’ve conducted interviews with the seven mayoral candidates in the Municipality, and with the four candidates in Ward 5 – Wallaceburg, and Ward 4 – North Kent.

We’ve asked the candidates 10 direct questions and they had one-minute to provide an answer.

The candidates did not know the specific questions before hand and we geared them towards issues that affect all of Chatham-Kent, and more specifically the Northern parts of the community in Ward 4 and Ward 5.

The responses have been recorded, and are being posted on the Sydenham Current.

Watch the Sydenham Current for the “No Bull” responses and for more election coverage!

E-mail us anytime at aaron@sydenhamcurrent


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