Language, culture and traditional healing are the topics of three community engagement sessions taking place at the Walpole Island Sports Complex.

“To get back to the old way of doing things” is the goal of Cecil Isaac the cultural, and language coordinator for Walpole Island.

“Where issues were discussed with the community,” Isaac said.

Each session will run from 6 p.m. to ­8 p.m., and will feature guests from around the community presenting how they are using cultural, and language strategies to encourage healing in the community.

Today’s (January 21) presenters will be The Woman’s Shelter who will be displaying how cultural enrichment plays a key element in assisting women, and the children of the community.

“As human beings we have a lot in common. We want to provide the best future for our children,” Isaac said.

The presenters are just a small part of the meeting, and the main focus is on the development of a plan for the future of cultural, language, and healing initiatives in the Walpole Island area.

Current strategies on Walpole to preserve the Ojibway language is the option to have Ojibway immersion for students.

As of last year, Walpole residents have the option to have their children from the ages of four to thirteen taught entirely in their native language.

“What we want to do is empower community again,” Isaac said.

The first meeting took place on January 14, with the second tonight (January 21,) and the final meeting will be held on January 28.

The meetings have an open door policy, and anyone interested in having their say on the cultural development of the community is recommended to attend.

Story by – Andrew Roebuck

Photo credit: Durova