Monday, December 9, 2019

Light some candles with Rustics By The Bay


Looking for the best scented candles to burn in your home or office?

Well look no further than Rustics By The Bay.

Leslie Janssens, owner of the Mitchell’s Bay business, said the Crossroads line is an excellent line of candles.

“The maple butter syrup is the number one,” she said. “I have burnt them before and loved them. I talked with their reps at a trade show, got information on them and because I am a Crossroads burner myself, I decided we would carry them in the store. You can see they burn right, right down. There is no black soot.”

Leslie said everyone who knows her, knows she is a big candle addict.

“So I am picky on what I burn,” she said. “You get about 130 hours for a jar. If you want something that will go through the whole house, maple butter syrup. The cubes are just as great.”

She added: “They are a great line. I am quite impressed with them. What I am finding a lot with candles is that the first few hours it’s good and then it dissipates… with Crossroads, they keep smelling.”

Leslie said if you are not a candle burner, you can have the room spray or the rediffusers as well.

“A rediffuser is the oil and you put the sticks in,” she said. “There are different scents. There is Grandma’s kitchen, apple ‘n spice, the malt cider and those are the popular fall ones. Those are the ones that we are zoning in on for fall, Christmas scents.”

Rustic’s By The Bay features unique custom barn board and driftwood pieces, home décor, scarves, candles, mancave items, signs, gift ideas, and chalk painted pieces. They are located at 20 Main Street in Mitchell’s Bay. You can reach them by calling 519-784-7271 or give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook.

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