Dresden native and former UFC fighter Chris Clements has chimed in with his thoughts about what is being called “the biggest fight in combat sports history.”

The much-hyped 12-round boxing match between undefeated champion Floyd Mayweather and UFC star Conor McGregor, is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, August 26.

Clements told the Sydenham Current he believes it will be a difficult match for the 29-year-old mix martial arts fighter against the 40-year-old boxing veteran.

“I see the fight going two different ways,” Clements said.

“If Conor decides to box with Mayweather, he does’t have a chance. People have to understand, they are two completely different sports. I consider myself one of the best strikers in Canada when it comes to MMA and kick boxing, but if you put me in a match with a boxer and I try to fight him boxing style, I’m not going to do very well.”

Clements said in the past he has sparred with boxers who are at a low level compared to him, in terms of being a professional fighter.

“I didn’t make out very well,” Clements said.

“MMA and kick boxing are fought at a different range and their combos are shorter generally, whereas boxers can throw more punches per combo and they fight at a closer range.”

Clements said his opinion of the fight is that McGregor “will be lucky to even land a shot” if he decides to box with Mayweather.

“If Conor fights Mayweather as though he’s in a MMA fight, holds his range and just throws very short combinations, one or two punches the whole time, it will make for very boring fight and I don’t think he will land a clean shot, but he does have a chance of winning on a judges scorecard by controlling the ring and being the more active fighter if he can hold his distance.”

Clements, who went 12-6 in his professional career and 2-2 in the UFC, said he knows who he would throw his money behind.

“As a betting man… I would bet all my money on Mayweather,” he said.

The fight it set to be shown at Boston Pizza in Chatham, along with Crabby Joe’s in Sarnia and Chatham.

If you want to watch the fight from home, you’ll need to purchase it, as it’s a pay-per-view event. A list of purchase options are available, here.

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