The Lambton Kent District School Board’s (LKDSB) is planning to hire additional occasional teachers to expand its roster for elementary and secondary positions.

The LKDSB is experiencing an ongoing shortage of teachers to fill occasional teaching positions to cover staff absences. The LKDSB has also noticed a direct impact on the number of available occasional teachers due to the extension of the teacher education program to a two-year degree.

“We are starting to feel the pressure of the changing competitive market for supply teachers. We are competing with neighbouring school boards for the same pool of applicants and we are finding it difficult to fill day to-day positions that are due to absent permanent staff,” stated Phil Warner, Superintendent of Education – Human Resources.

“We are hopeful that by expanding our occasional teaching roster, we will be able to source a more diverse pool of potential occasional teachers to help offset our schools’ needs.”

Expanding the number of occasional teachers presents a unique opportunity to recruit new teachers to the LKDSB, as this applicant pool often serves as a stepping stone to future full-time employment.

Anyone interested in applying for an occasional teaching position should visit the LKDSB website for
more information: