The Otter Creek Wind farm project has changed their engineering plans for their proposed project for north of Wallaceburg.

Officials with Boralex said they are no longer planning to use pile foundations for their 12-turbine project.

“Boralex is committed to working closely with our neighbours and government to make the Otter Creek Wind Farm a reality,” company officials stated.

“As a Canadian company, we know that success comes when we all work together towards the same goal: safe, reliable and affordable renewable energy.”

Boralex said they consulted with neighbours, community groups, and local government.

“Some people have voiced concern that if deep pile foundations were used for the turbines, they might affect local water wells,” the company said.

“We unequivocally agree with the engineering and science completed on this issue that demonstrates that deep pile foundations do not negatively impact local water or the community.”

Company officials added they also believe that working together with the community is vital for any project.

“That is why, after careful deliberation and research, we have determined that a turbine foundation design not using piles is possible, and have elected to use this design for Otter Creek Wind Farm,” Boralex officials said.

“We look forward to working constructively with the community to make this project a reality.”

Otter Creek officials said the change will not impact the plans for the project.

“The nameplate capacity and location of wind turbines remains unchanged,” company officials said.

“Similarly, the amount, type and location of land potentially impacted as a result of the Project also remains unchanged from what was presented to the public and consulted on during the REA process.”

Along the campaign trail, Premier Doug Ford promised to halt all pending wind turbine projects across Ontario.

MPP Monte McNaughton, now the Minister of Infrastructure, echoed those comments.

McNaughton also told the Sydenham Current on election night in June, they he is working on stopping the Otter Creek project.

“Iā€™m going to be immediately moving to ensure that the Otter Creek project gets stopped here in Wallaceburg, the wind turbine project,” McNaughton said, just an hour after winning re-election in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex.

“As well as working to ensure the health hazard investigation finally occurs for the North Kent Wind project for the families that live near that.”

Reports indicate Otter Creek officials anticipate most of the wind turbine construction to begin in the spring of 2019.