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Special to the Sydenham Current

The Essex-Kent Junior Farmers had the privilege of hosting seven young farmer international exchange delegates for the week of July 1-8.

This was a great opportunity for members of the club to showcase their communities.

Delegates countries included: Northern Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, England and Germany.

Celebrations during their visit began by participating in the Chatham Canada Day parade with the Essex-Kent Junior Farmers as well as viewing Canada Day fireworks.

Other tours and adventures during their week included: Point Peelee Natinal Park, Pride Seeds, Truly Green Farms, Greenfield Ethanol, JP Gladstone Sweet Potato Farm, Hiram Walker, Thompsons Limited, Windsor/Detroit border bridge, touring different vegetable farms in the area and much more.

The young farmer delegates are on exchange during the summer between June and August in which they travel across Ontario to all the local Junior Farmer clubs for usually a week at a time where they have the opportunity to experience and learn a lot about Canadian lifestyles, farming practices and the uniqueness of each and every community.