There is a common sign being displayed across many businesses in Chatham-Kent, and that sign is one that says ‘now hiring’.

Chatham-Kent Economic Development Services officials say according to recent statistics, the unemployment rate for the municipality has dropped to 5.6% and is continuing to trend lower.

This is a sharp contrast to the 12.1% unemployment seen in 2010.

All of this means that there are jobs available in Chatham-Kent, local Economic Development officials say.

“It’s not just about job numbers, it’s also about the fact that there are career opportunities for people in our community,” stated Geoff Wright, Economic Development Officer for Chatham-Kent Economic Development Services, in a media release.

“Industry leading companies are calling to let me know that while they need general labourers there is also a demand for trained professionals in fields such as engineering, human resources, accounting, machinists, health care, and more.”

In August, Economic Development compiled a list of 700 jobs available through sources such online job boards and company websites and what became apparent is that Chatham-Kent is in a hiring mode.

“We need people,” said Wright.

“Looking back a few years ago the community needed jobs, but now the jobs are here and we need people to fill the roles. It’s a great position to be in for the community because it shows that Chatham-Kent has an economy that is moving along at a steady pace.”

In addition, new investments by companies such as Accurcast in Wallaceburg and the expansion of existing businesses such as RS Poles in Tilbury have further increased demand for workers.

Those looking for job and career opportunities, or businesses who need to promote their employment opportunities are encouraged to visit online sources including the Chatham-Kent Community Job Board available at

There are also several upcoming job fair activities being arranged across the municipality by Economic Development Services and the Workforce Planning Board.

This includes a Community Job Fair taking place in Chatham at the John D. Bradley Centre on October 23, 2018, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“We are really excited for this event as there are already over 30 employers registered and more are signing on every day,” stated Kristy Jacobs, Project Manager, Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board.

“We anticipate being at capacity for the event and welcome everyone who is looking for a career to come out.”

Watch for more information on this and other employment activities in the region.