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It’s Throwback Thursday once again!

Here is an old photograph of local The Heinz company opened up their plant in Wallaceburg in 1944.

Here is the official opening day of the factory

Row 1-first six were visiting dignitaries from Heinz with Lou Griffith
Row 2 – Fred Leach, J Eric MacDonald, William Glendinning, Drader Hawkin,
Row 3 – George Frye, Ashton Lillie, St Clair Gordon, William Spero
Row 4 – Grant Dean, Andrew Gilhuly, Alan Brander, visiting official
Row 5 – Edward G Davies, Herbert Burgess, Morrison Irwin, unidentified, Roland Carscallen, Jock Appleton, Lawrence Martin (aka Tony)

Thanks to Wallaceburg and District Museum for the photograph!

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