Nearly 300 long-service employees, volunteers, physicians and retirees will be honoured at this year’s Recognition Banquet hosted by Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA).

The annual event will recognize Sandy Bean and Brenda Blonde for a remarkable 45 years of service as well as Sharron Blackburn and Chrystal McCorkindale for 40 years of service. An additional nine employees, including Shelley Bas, Judy Bechard, Kelly Bogaert, Mary Caron, Lenora Carr, Lori Fisher, Karen Kennedy, Colleen McGivern and Donna Neefs, will receive 35-year recognition.

uests of honour also include 55 five year, 59 ten year, 57 fifteen year, 31 twenty year, 14 twenty-five year and 24 thirty year award recipients.

In addition, the CKHA will pay tribute to thirty-five retirees:

– Brenda Bell

– Ruthann Howard

– Jackie Opavsky

– Kim Clark

– Carol Hunter

– Pat Osborne

– Sue Cook

– Louise Jubenville

– Veronica Oulds

– Janet DeActis

– Marilyn Knight

– Brian Pennings

– Nel Denys

– Janice Kouyzer

– Liz Prosser

– Jean Domony

– Sharon Lauwers

– Maria Rekas

– Ellen Faubert

– Michael Marchand

– Debra Shore

– Carolyn Forbes

– Connie Maxwell-Carr

– Judith Swant

– Patrice Forsyth

– Bruce McCubbin

– Dr. Patricia Tomney

– Brian Ginty

– Bernadette Moor

– Patricia Walters

– Maureen Ginty

– Penny Morrow

– Linda Youngs

– Lucy Hartford

– Robin Myers

“CKHA’s annual Recognition Banquet provides a wonderful opportunity to thank our valued staff, volunteers and physicians for their ongoing commitment to healthcare in Chatham and Rural Kent,” says Debbie Ancocik, Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, CKHA. “Whether our staff are celebrating five years with CKHA or their retirement, we are proud and appreciative of their commitment to providing safe, quality Patient and Family Centred Care to our patients, families and community.”

The Annual Alliance Awards of Excellence as well as the Compassionate Caregiver Award of Distinction will also be presented during the Recognition Banquet. The Alliance Awards of Excellence are performance-based and peer-nominated awards recognizing those who exemplify excellence in our healthcare environment. This year’s celebration will present four Awards of Excellence including the Mission Award, Vision Award, Values Award and Team Award. The Compassionate Caregiver Award is presented to a staff-member or team who exemplifies Patient and Family Centred Care and works to advance quality of care while remaining compassionate and respectful.

The annual recognition event will be held on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at Club Lentinas in Chatham.

Following the event, CKHA will share the winners in a news release.

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