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Special to the Sydenham Current

The U16 Wallaceburg Airhawks have secured their second gold medal in their second tournament of the year.

Once again the Friday night game seemed to be the nemesis for the Airhawks like the previous weekend, except they pulled out the win this weekend.

With Wallaceburg playing the East Elgin Eagles it was a struggle to get anything going as the girls could only muster up 43 points, but it was enough for the win on this night.

Final score was 43-36.

Leading the way was Elliot Cowan with 13, Marissa Beselaere with 12 and Lauren Harding with 10.

For there second game of the tournament, they played the North Bay Spartans.

The Spartans played a tough game and hung around with the Airhawks until about half.

In the second half, the ladies played some great defense and also found there scoring in this game.

When the final whistle blew the Airhawks won 64-46 scoring 32 points in each half of the game.

Leading scorers this game where Elliot Cowan with 19 and Julia Veenstra with 13.

In the gold medal game the Airhawks faced the Toronto Lords.

It was a tough start to the game as one player was out hurt from the first game, a second player went down early in the game and a third player was playing through an injury as the team was down to eight players.

There first half was a tough contest leading by just four, 24-20.

Then came some extremely good basketball as all players had to step up on both ends of the court.

In the end the Airhawks prevailed with a convincing 58-31 win.

Leading the way was Logan Cormier with 14 and Marissa Beselaere with 13.

Was a great second weekend for the young ladies next up they are in Toronto with some extremely tough teams hoping to bring another medal home for three straight weekends.

Photo – Bottom row from left: Capresse Freeman, Victoria Byrne, Kayla Nogueira, Marissa Beselaere, Elliot Cowan. Top row form left: Rick Freeman (coach), Logan Cormier, Avah Tsaprailis, Katie Forgie, Jeff Byrne (coach), Sara Turner, Julia Veenstra, Lauren Harding, Bill Rhodes (coach). Absent: Donna Kucera (coach).