Thursday, November 14, 2019

Erosion forces portion of Talbot Trail to close

Municipality of Chatham-Kent officials say due to erosion from Lake Erie along the edge of Talbot Trail (old Highway #3) and the resulting compromised structural integrity of the road, the road will be closed from Coatsworth Road to Stevenson Road until further notice.

The closure is required to ensure public safety, officials on the engineering department stated.

“Please note that all businesses along Talbot Trail will remain open,” Municipal officials said in a media release.

“Truck, heavy and large load traffic coming from Wheatley and Blenheim are advised to follow the posted detour route (D-1) which is by way of Wheatley Road and Middle Line.”

Local traffic will be able to continue on Talbot Trail up to Coatsworth Road (coming from Wheatley) or up to Port Road (coming from Blenheim) where another detour route (D-1) will be posted around the full closure location on Talbot Trail, officials say.

“All other roads along Talbot Trail from Wheatley to Coatsworth Road and from Blenheim to Port Road (which includes Stevenson, Baldwin and Radmore Roads) will remain open,” municipal officials stated.

“The Municipality is currently in process of conducting a Lake Erie erosion study. In addition, a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) will be initiated to fully evaluate this issue and determine recommendations for both short and long term solutions. Both studies will be completed in 2020.”

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