Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Pet Corner

Welcome fellow animal lovers, To the Pet Points to Ponder Corner of the Sydenham Current!
We are here to provide you with answers on all kinds of animal related questions you may have…. Do you know what kind of grooming is needed for your pet?….Are you looking for a new companion?… Do you have a question about adopting the right pet for you?….
Our goal is to help our community with the information you need about your animals and caring for them, so you can have the best for your furry friend. We will be providing info on pets up for adoption as well and where you can meet them.
Looking forward to some upcoming photo contests as well..
Here is an example of some of the information you will obtain by visiting our pet corner!!
Is your dog gaining a little “winter weight” ? Try this:
Why not substitute treats with carrots? The caloric intake of carrots is much lower than any dog treat. They don’t seem interested? Try boiling the carrots a little just to soften and warm them. Let cool before serving .Some dogs may turn their nose up in the beginning but give it some time. The healthier your companion is, the longer you can share the love you have together.


  1. Thank you for including Lost & Found Pets from The Lost Pets of Chatham-Kent Facebook group on your page in the Pet Corner section – we hope this added exposure will help 🙂

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