Monday, August 10, 2020

Lev Tahor skips court, flees country

Photo by Jim Blake of The Chatham Voice
Photo by Jim Blake of The Chatham Voice

The Lev Tahor case has taken, yet another turn.

The ultra-orthodox Jewish group failed to appear in court this morning (Mar. 5) where they were suppose to hear the ruling of their appeal.

Last month Ontario Court Justice Stephen Feurth maintained an order from Quebec officials, which ordered 13 Lev Tahor children to be sent back to Quebec to be placed in foster care.

Reports indicate that members of the Lev Tahor group have fled the country, and have been detained in Trinidad and Tobago.

We caught up with Stephen Doig, the executive director for Chatham-Kent Children’s Services, who told us he is concerned for the well-being of the Lev Tahor children.

Check out our story in the Chatham Voice, and listen to our full interview with Doig below:

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