Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Police investigation at Sam’s Hotel

sams wallaceburg may 2014 incident 2

Details are scarce at the moment, as a police presence remains outside of Sam’s Hotel in Wallaceburg.

Investigators were spotted walking outside the front doors this afternoon of the 1531 Dufferin Ave. establishment and Chatham-Kent police cruisers have been parked outside of the building, along with a truck from the Forensic Unit.

Sgt. Ed MacLean said he did not have any details to share at this point.

“They are going to release the info about that tomorrow when they have concluded some of the investigation,” he said.

Sources say a man is in hospital with critical injuries stemming from this situation, although this has not been confirmed.

We’ll provide more details when they become available.

Here are some photos from outside of Sam’s today:

sams wallaceburg may 2014 incident 4

sams wallaceburg may 2014 incident 3

sams wallaceburg may 2014 incident 1


  1. It should have been shut down a long time ago. Since Mike sold it, it’s been ran to the ground. One of many reasons this towns went down hill. It’s become no more then a place to get high.

  2. I don’t think one building in the whole town has made town go down hill plus sure close it down and all the hard drugs go back over to wallace st. problem solved lol

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