Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Former Dresden Leader building being converted

Photo from Facebook.
Photo from Facebook.

The former home of the North Kent Leader is set to be converted into an apartment complex.

Council rubber stamped a report from staff at last nights planning meeting, to allow Mervyn and Susan Lanctot to convert the building, located at 254 Main Street in Dresden.

The building was a commercial lot, but with the approval of the zoning by-law amendments, this allows the owners to create the five apartment units inside the building.

A staff report says in order to maximize the available space in the building and provide for an “efficient layout for each unit” individual exterior entrances to each of the five units will be installed.”

Construction can begin after a short appeal period for the zoning changes.

The building is 43 years old and was the home for Leader Publications for a number of years.

Ted Misselbrook, one of the founders of Leader Publications, has compiled an extensive history of the company and building on his website, check it out here.

There is no timetable for when the conversion project will be completed.


  1. This building was purchased by our dear friends and I had the privilege of shopping with Sue for many of the finishes and items that have made this building a dream for them. They have two married sons and almost 4 grandchildren whom live in Winnipeg. Their plan is to move back to Dresden and live in one of the apartments and be able to go and visit their families in Winnipeg. They hope to retire within the next year or so to be close to the family they have here.

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