Monday, June 1, 2020

Dresden Raceway Opening Day results


Here are the results from the first day of racing at Dresden Racing on Canada Day!

In case you missed it, here is out story from the day: Dresden Raceway busy for Canada Day opener

Total Purse: $32,200

Total Handle: $30,360

Race #1

1st Coffee Black (blk,m,4 – Sos Lunar Eclipse-Its Witch Craft-Valley Victor)
Owner: James G Morency,Windsor,ON

2nd Brandon Cs (b,g,5 – Chocolatier-C C Jennifer P-Garland Lobell)
Owner: Janice L Annett,Wyoming-Marjorie C Simmons,Chatham,ON

3rd Jazzman Hall (b,g,12 – Garland Lobell-Justeen Hall-Victory Dream)
Owner: Karl W Macnaughton,Clinton,ON

Race #2

1st Electricintensions (b,f,3 – No Pan Intended-Hydrophilic-Albert Albert)
Owner: Dean G Wilson-Ashley Hay,Kerwood,ON

2nd Summer Goddess (b,m,4 – Mach Three-Summer Sun-Cambest)
Owner: William I Kirkpatrick,Amherstburg,ON-Pamela G Loomis,Grosse Pointe,MI

3rd Hrrn (b,m,4 – Blissfull Hall-Exultante-Apaches Fame)
Owner: Horsewhispererusa Stable,Windsor,ON

Race #3

1st Century Amadeus (b,g,3 – Federal Flex-Allison Hall-Garland Lobell)
Owner: Garry L Macdonald,Dundas,ON

2nd Destinys My Aunt (b,f,3 – Ken Warkentin-Random Swinger-In Conchnito)
Owner: Colleen G Belore,Embro-Craig D Moore,London,ON

3rd Mystic Flower (b,f,3 – Mutineer-Mystic Victory-Victory Dream)
Owner: Sharon S Dalke,Riverdale,MI

Race #4

1st Sachertorte (br,c,3 – Western Terror-Banana Cake-Albert Albert)
Owner: Elizabeth Fair,Ancaster,ON

2nd Distinctiv Rusty (br,c,3 – Rambaran-Winnees Luck-Camluck)
Owner: John R Dixon,Parkhill,ON

3rd Moratorium (b,g,3 – Armbro Deuce-Symbolic-Real Desire)
Owner: Ronald A Henderson,Windsor,ON

Race #5

1st Ee Bay (b,m,10 – Keystone Raider-Bay Of Biscay-Topnotcher)
Owner: William D Johnson,Monroe,MI

2nd Hey Fay Wray (br,m,4 – Up Front Peyton-Audry Heartburn-Keystone Raider)
Owner: James F & A Jean Caddey-Leonard Ulch,Embro-Jack Brownscombe,Beachville,ON

3rd Samillion Dollars (br,m,5 – Western Terror-Southeast-Grinfromeartoear)
Owner: Amber L Robinet,Wheatley,ON

Race #6

1st Kesons Reign (br,g,6 – Royal Mattjesty-Notalotofthought-Grinfromeartoear)
Owner: Dennis E Morrissey,London,ON

2nd Jackson Killean (b,g,6 – I Am A Fool-Belize-Jennas Beach Boy)
Owner: Donna L Van Meer,Bowmanville,ON

3rd Billy White Sell (b,g,6 – Camluck-Always A Yankee-Western Hanover)
Owner: Alfred G Carroll,Iona Station-Angela M Carroll,Iona,ON

Race #7

1st Bo Knows To Win (b,g,6 – Bo Knows Jate-Luxury Angus-Franz Hanover)
Owner: Douglas A Schweitzer,West Lorne,ON

2nd Aberarder Max (b,h,4 – Whosurboy-Dearest Dorothy-Run The Table)
Owner: Larry Currie,Sarnia,ON

3rd Stir And Serve (b,g,8 – Armbro Trench-Sweet Sangria-Run The Table)
Owner: Lindsey R Kerr,Amherstburg-Joanne E Mayhew,London,ON

Race #8

1st Savthelstdancforme (br,h,8 – Striking Sahbra-Iam Worthy Too-Worthy Bowl)
Owner: Dennis W Duford,Dresden,ON

2nd Solo Victory (b,g,8 – New Victory-Royal Reba-Royal Strength)
Owner: Shelley A Bonneau,Tilbury,ON

3rd Wallstreet Bailout (b,m,6 – Coventry-Fridays Banker-Wall Street Banker)
Owner: Scott L Altizer,Caro,MI

Race #9

1st Twin B Shasta (b,m,9 – Million Dollar Cam-Stryper-Artsplace)
Owner: Mike A Kastel,Garfield Heights,OH

2nd Rammattic (br,m,6 – Rambaran-Lafemattique-Matts Scooter)
Owner: Dominic De Santis,Windsor-Tom Jacobs,Kingsville,ON

3rd Prettysheissheis (b,m,7 – Million Dollar Cam-Pretty Sign-Life Sign)
Owner: Lisa A Spencer,London,ON

Race #10

1st Unique Shuffle (b,g,8 – Aces N Sevens-Unique Gal-Unique Concept)
Owner: Janet C Larcombe,Clinton,ON

2nd Wallet Sniffer (b,h,5 – Camotion-Had To Have Her-Beastmaster)
Owner: Donald S McMurren,South Woodslee,ON

3rd Unchained Desire (b,g,8 – Real Desire-Unchained Speed-Ball And Chain)
Owner: Donald R Hirtzel,Parkhill,ON

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