Friday, January 15, 2021

What were the candidates saying on election day?


Social media played a much larger role in this years election, compared to 2010 and in elections past.

The Citizen’s Coalition Facebook page in particular was busy with comments, rants, raves and everything in between.

What were the candidates saying on social media on election day?

Here is what we found:

“Anything can be fixed with the right process – as CK Mayor, I can lead the way to financial stability, more prudent community investments (that actually have positive returns) and decisions that build our assessment base – all on the road to holding the line on taxes.” – Steve Brent, mayoral candidate.

“I had a great last day of campaigning. I am exhausted and worn out but encouraged by last stop in Morpeth. Those people really love their community. I talked to some of their residents and they love living in Morpeth. Every person is an integral part of their small village. Each person matters and feels that they are a part of their community. We have to preserve our small communities and treat them just as valuable as the larger centres.” Jeff Bultje, mayoral candidate.

“What does a mayoral candidate do on Election Day when the weather is awesome and all the work is done???? She golfs with her bestie!” – Marjorie Crew, mayoral candidate.

“Election day celebration… come and join us as we watch the Election results come in as the polls close at 8:00 pm. Tru’s Grill House, 220 Riverview Drive. Thank you for your support.” Randy Hope, mayoral candidate.

“It’s a big day today and I would like to start it off by thanking everyone who has helped and supported me throughout my campaign. It has been a great experience and opportunity to increase my understanding of my community and gain many friend. I would also like to include well wishes all of the candidates. We have all worked hard and Chatham-Kent can only benefit by those who have put their many thoughts and idea forward.” Carmen McGregor, Wallaceburg candidate.

“Thanks to all my supporters for four wonderful (tough) years and don’t forget my strength and knowledge came from you the citizens ,never think your voice doesnt matter ,cheers.” Leon Leclair, North Kent candidate.

Voting wraps-up at 8 p.m.

Watch for results starting to roll in afterwards on the Sydenham Current!

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