Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Bad credit? No problem at Progressive Ford


No matter what the financial past is for a potential client, Progressive Ford in Wallaceburg can help them out.

Scott Campbell, financial services manager, said he has been helping people with credit for about 20 years.

“I figure out what route is best for our customers,” he said.

“Get them the best scenario they can. Some people have challenged credit, they have had issues in the past or are dealing with issues right now. They may not think they can come to the new Ford dealership and get an option on getting a vehicle whether it be a new one or a used one. We will just figure out what is best for them as opposed to just saying ‘no you can’t get this vehicle’ we will say ‘we have a different lender that can offer you a situation to help you build your credit’ or we can offer them a loan through us in house that can also rebuild their credit because we report to the Credit Bureau.”

Campbell said a lot of companies don’t have this option, so they would pay a high interest rate for nothing.

“I guess its just about getting the word out that we figure out what is best for you. I’ve been doing this for all situations for people for so long. That’s kind of my expertise. Showing options on how to protect your loan, protect you and things that are maybe best for you.We sit down and talk. It’s like we provide credit counselling by figuring out what is the best for your situation.”

Campbell said now that Progressive has taken over in Wallaceburg, they bring in more experience in terms of providing loan advice to prospective clients.

“We try to separate ourselves from other dealerships because we provide what is best for you. If you come in and say you want to lease a car for two years, we aren’t going to offer you rust protection. We analyze your situation and recommend things that are best for you and not sell you what you don’t need,” Campbell said.

“We bring awareness to what is important. It might be something that you never considered. I tell you options about life insurance. When you realize you may need something and your family comes in to ask if this loan paid out. You have to provide all of the options to make sure people are aware of what the consequences could be.”

Campbell said current customers who may think they cannot afford to upgrade can also come in and find out their options.

“We just want to let people to know that they can come here and get top notch representation when they look at getting a loan. Unfortunately I have seen bad situations where people will go somewhere because they don’t think they can’t go to other dealers. You can apply online as well.”

Campbell said Progressive now has more to offer at the location since taking over last year.

“Before we came on, all they offered was oil guarding here. Now we offer a 10 year rust protection plan so we have a full comprehensive, state of the art protection that’s available as an alternative and a step above just oil guarding, or yearly applications. We have a one time application. People don’t know that too because it wasn’t offered before, so we have brought in some services that were not here.”

Campbell said the big difference about Ford credit and other companies is that Ford credit is their own institution.

“So they don’t have to ask a bank who has different criteria if they can give someone a loan. Ford uses their own money so they have way more opportunities to provide lending for people.”

Jered Sweet, general sales manager, said when they took over ownership they brought in their own finance department.

“So we deal with all the major banks and we can usually get a better rate than they can get going to their own bank,” Sweet said.

“Ford Credit is a lot different than dealing with a bank. They are a little easier to get funding from because they only deal with automobiles, not boats or houses so they are generally a little easier to deal with. We also have our own in house financing for people who have had issues with their credit to help rebuild their credit.”

Progressive Ford is located at 6975 Base Line in Wallaceburg.

They can be reached at 519-627-3400 or online at http://www.progressiveford.ca/

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