Sunday, November 29, 2020

Poll results: Does Wallaceburg need a new splash pad?

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We asked our readers if they felt Wallaceburg needs a new splash pad, and the results were almost unanimous.

Does Wallaceburg need a new splash pad?

Yes – 216 – 87.8%

No – 30- 12.2%

The social media chatter on this story was lively as well.

“Port Lambton’s Brander Park splash pad was $200k with St. Clair Township matching donations to pick-up half the costs. Unfortunately, you can pretty much forget about a municipal match here as Wallaceburg is destine to do this on her own. Ridgetown just did it; the $150k splash pad in Stennett Park. They got EnBridge as a corporate donor to kick in the first 10% and did the rest as a community. Lobby for municipal, provincial, or federal dollars but reality states you need to go into this with a vision or raising $250k locally and get it done in a year. A corporate sponsor or two would be ideal to kick start it though,” said Jim Hasson on Facebook.

“We need a splash pad that is centrally located in the town. And it has to be accessible for all,” said Mike Parrish on Facebook.

“Wallaceburg can have a splash pad as nice as other small communities but they have to put forth the same kind of fundraising effort as Port Lambton,” said Stacey Boyes on Facebook.

“Yes we do but and here is the big but the beautiful one built in Port Lambton became possible because everyone worked together to raise funds for it. We the people of Wallaceburg need to start getting back to where we made our town because we loved our town. It can be done. Putting on golf tourn. to raise money, baseball tournaments, hockey tournaments. We need the support of all organizations to set aside one of their events where proceeds go to things like this. We cannot and should not always rely on Chatham-Kent because it does not always work. We can raise funds, apply for grants. The biggest obstacle we sometimes have is ourselves,” said Janice Conway on Facebook.

Local resident Chris Young also mentioned his desire to spearhead a local initiative to make a splash pad in Wallaceburg a reality.

Watch for a follow-up story on the Sydenham Current.

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