Friday, August 12, 2022

Soup socials coming to Walpole Island, Wallaceburg CKCHC

At least once in your life, your mother or grandmother urged you to seek the folk remedy of soup for the common cold.

One sip of the warm soup and your health felt instantly restored.

The Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres (CKCHC) are now inviting you to discuss your personal health over a bowl of soup while you retreat from the cold of the fall season.

From October 20-22, the CKCHC is hosting a free Soup Social that will highlight the links between community vitality, a sense of belonging and people’s health.

The event is one of at least 100 events being held across the province during Community Health and Wellbeing Week, October 19-23.

The CKCHC is one of 109 primary health care organizations across the province that deliver medical services in combination with health promotion and community development programs designed to build strong, resilient communities.

The CKCHC delivers a wide range of programs to enhance community vitality and belonging.

During the Soup Social event, the Chatham-Kent community is invited to visit a CKCHC site where they can enjoy a bowl of soup while discussing their sense of belonging and what the Community Health Centre means to them.

Games and interactive photo opportunities are on tap for participant engagement.

The Association of Ontario Health Centres, of which the CKCHC is a member, coordinates Community Health and Wellbeing Week. The Association represents 109 community-governed primary health care organizations including Ontario’s 75 Community Health Centres, 10 Aboriginal Health Access Centres, 11 Community-governed Family Health Teams and 13 Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics.

Each is governed by community members which equips them to orient services and programs to community needs.

The Soup Social event will take place on the following dates:

– Tuesday, October 20 at the Walpole Island site, 785 Tecumseh Road, from 1-3PM

– Wednesday, October 21 at the Chatham site, 150 Richmond Street, from 1-3PM

– Thursday, October 22 at the Wallaceburg site, 808 Dufferin Avenue, from 1-3PM

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