Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Council endorses WDSS track grant


Chatham-Kent council unanimously agreed to endorse a grant for WDSS, covering 25% of the cost for their on-going track project.

Wallaceburg Coun. Jeff Wesley made the successful motion at their meeting at the Civic Centre on Monday.

The grant will total $133,750, or 25% of their $535,000 project, which will add a rubberized surface to the track.

Council also agreed to similar one time grants for sports field projects at Tilbury and Blenheim’s high schools.

Construction work has already been underway at Wallaceburg’s high school since the summer.

Henry Heyink Construction led the $319,701.50 project, which has already seen an asphalt track installed at the school. The bid was originally $521,781.50, however $202,080 was removed for the rubberized track and topsoil portion of the project.

“The rubberized surface and topsoil option for the school track were removed from the tender award in order to keep the overall tender price within the total budget for the project,” a Lambton-Kent District School Board staff report stated. “School renewal funds in the 2016/17 budget will be used to add the rubberized surface to the track.”

A report from Chatham-Kent administration is expected to come forward before the end of the year.

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