Sunday, May 9, 2021

Over $2,000 raised for Brayden Fields at BBQ

pray for brayden

Well over $2,000 was raised in a charity BBQ held on Wednesday for WDSS student Brayden Fields.

Brayden was involved in a single vehicle crash on November 21. As a result, the 17-year-old Wallaceburg resident sustained life-threatening injuries and was transferred to London where he has remained since.

Sue Sarapanickas, a parent volunteer, expressed interest in doing something to assist the Fields’ family during their time of struggle.

“I love my community,” Sue spoke, “I believe it takes a village to raise a child and help a child. I’ve raised three great children in this community and I know if it was one of mine, the community would be doing the same for me and my family. Living in a small community everybody knows everybody; it’s a Tartan thing.”

Sue along with Bethany Williams, Karen Broad, Rob McLachlan, Karen Williams, and most of the Tartan football team worked tirelessly throughout the morning and early afternoon.

Lineups during lunch snaked through the halls of the high school and students were eager to support the cause.

“Tragedy is horrible thing for anything to go through. Everyone wants to pitch in and do something to help,” said Rob Lee, principal at WDSS. “I’ve always lived in small communities and the coming together for a good cause makes me proud to be Tartan and a member of this community.”

Some donors who generously donated either raffle items, BBQ items, or both include: Kevin Wise, Chuck’s, Chatham Kent Cougars, Bill Simpson, Rexal, Taylor’s, New Vision, Mark’s Work Warehouse, Pita Pit, Crew Cuts, Wallaceburg Wellness Centre, Maverick Inc., D.S. Walker, Little Caesars, Foster’s Meats, Splash Pools, Movie Time, Tim Hortons, Big Chief, Bill’s International Pizza, James Street Eatery, Subway, Crabby Joe’s, Black Goose, and Dresden Meat Packers.

Julie Fields, Brayden’s mother, said she is thankful for what the community has done for Brayden and her family.

“We are very humbled by the unbelievable amount of support and love we have received from this amazing community. Brayden will be so excited to see how much everyone is pulling for him. Thank you to everyone. We cannot thank you enough. We will someday find a way to pay it forward.”

Staff and students have assisted Brayden and his family by selling ribbons, made with the same colours as the Chicago Blackhawks; his favourite NHL hockey team. As well, they have made a plaque that was placed on his locker for everyone to sign that will eventually be given to him when he is feeling better.

#PrayForBradyen has spread around social media like wildfire, shedding even more light for Brayden and his family.

A donation of any kind can also be made on Brayden’s GoFundMe Page.

– Story by Zac Nicholson

– Photo from the WDSS Twitter page

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