Thursday, April 2, 2020

Individual needs met at Oaks Retirement Village


The team at the Oaks Retirement Village in Wallaceburg ensures the specific needs of all their residents are met, 24-hours a day, seven days a week

Paula Vandellen, the care service manager, at the Wallaceburg retirement home says her staff of about 14 ensure everyone is taken care of.

“I assess them before they come in the door to make sure they are appropriate for our home and set up the medications. So I am with the Doctors, the pharmacy and anybody for outside support that I need to
get information from for the residents.”

If anyone has any questions about requirements for coming into the Oaks, they can call Paula.

“I have actually had families call, hospitals call, so I have a lot links between the hospitals and the discharge planners. Anyone in hospital that is not fit to go home, the discharge planners will call here and give me an update on who can do what. Can we provide this? So I make my assessment. I go to the hospital to visit with the resident and see if they are a fit, if we are able to accommodate the needs and go from there.”

Paula can be reached at 519-627-9292 ex. 605.

The Oaks is also busy preparing for a new addition, which is scheduled to be completed sometime in the summer.

“It’s going to be two floors, just like this,” she said. “The bottom floor is going to be memory care. So that’s going to be for our Alzheimer’s or dementia patients. We do have some of those here but they are not at a risk to leave the building, so that is not a concern to us. When they get a little more concerning, then we can move them over to the memory care which is going to be secured. They will have their own courtyard out back, they can come and go to and not interfere with the residents on this side.”

Paula added: “The top floor is going to be the same as this retirement home. They really come and go. We have a big variety of independence and non. A lot of people don’t need anything, some people do, some people need a little more support.”

Paula said the new addition will be staffed completely different and they will be trained to handle the dementia and Alzheimer’s needs a little bit more appropriately than here.

“Right now we just go with the mixture and it works,” she said.

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