Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Letter: Injured dog in serious need

wallaceburg animal shelter

I’m posting this message to ask for help for a family with five children.

On Tuesday December 22, Animal Control received a call about a dog hit by a car.

I got to the scene and found Tolouse, a 1 year old Alaskan Malamute/ lab mix, laying in a front yard bleeding from the nose with a clearly broken right front leg.

Seems Tolouse had to go outside for a pee break, but saw a squirrel instead. Before Grandma could get the chain attached Tolouse bolted after the squirrel. Fortunately for the squirrel he made it across Murray Street.

Unfortunately for Tolouse, he was hit by an SUV in the head and possibly rolled under the truck.

Tolouse was transported to Wallaceburg Animal Hospital where he was immediately assessed.

The family now has to make a very difficult decision just days before Christmas.

Try to gather the money together for the assessments neccesary to come up with a treatment plan or euthanize their much loved member of the family.

Approximately $1,200.

Enter Mary Ann from K-9 Klips.

She made a call to Susan with a plan.

To try and raise the funds so Tolouse can be mended and returned home to his family.

We are going to take donations for Tolouse and are asking for your help. I know before Christmas is a busy time not to mention expensive. I also know how heart wrenching it is to have to make the decision to put down a family member.

Tolouse is a wonderful animal, very laid back.

Even with the amount of pain this animal was in when I got there he never attempted to bite me while I was lifting him into my truck at the scene, nor when I had to lift him out of my truck to carry him into the vet clinic.

The only time this animal growled was when his temperature was taken. We all know how uncomfortable that can be.

If you are able to help us help this family keep a much loved part of their family home for Christmas any donations would be greatly appreciated.

You can take donations to K9 Klips, the Wallaceburg Animal shelter or call the shelter 519-627-6722, and we will pick the donations up if you can’t make it in.

Please make sure you put Tolouses’ name on the envelope.

Many thanks go to the gentlman who hit Tolouse for stopping and giving his number to the family so he could be contacted. He was on his way to work but called his girlfriend who went immediately to the family to offer support and assistance. She followed us to the Wallaceburg Animal hospital and as far as I know stayed with Tolouses’ Momma.

Also to the Wallaceburg Animal Hospital for seeingh Tolouse that afternoon, and to Mary Ann at K9 Klips for coming up with this idea.

A great one.

As I said anything you can do to help this family will be greatly appreciated.

– Susan Arends, Wallaceburg Animal Shelter


  1. I came home yesterday during work, I had a strong feeling to be there, I found my dog had been hit. A pin taking to vet it was grim. Last night he had gotten past shock. He was going to live. Its been a tough year for me, no pity needed, but a failed relationship just before Christmas left me in emotional pain and despair, I felt my doggy was and is the only one. I can relate to the family, its remarkable how important animals are to us, especially for some, like me during this part of the year, my little sqirrel chaser is my “everything” today. I will call the vet up there as soon as they open. I wish everybody a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year

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