Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Teen dance fundraiser for Brayden Fields


It’s going to be bright and tight inside the Moose Lodge in Wallaceburg on Friday night, all in support of Brayden Fields.

An all-ages teen dance fundraiser is set to take place from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m., with proceeds going towards the injured Wallaceburg teen.

“We’re looking to raise funds for the Fields family and to get more awareness out there for what happened, and can happen, in adverse conditions, as well as giving a bit of an update to his friends and some of his family who haven’t had the chance to go and see him,” said Chris Glassford, the event organizer and Brayden’s cousin.

“It is geared towards high school students who know Brayden.”

Admission is $10 and it is an all-ages event.

Brayden, 17, suffered injuries in a car crash on November 21 and has been in a London hospital since.

Glassford said the “bright and tight” theme for the dance coincides with Brayden’s personality.

“Every time we’ve had family events, Brayden is always the one to bring the party and he’s always the one to have a smile on his face, he’s always there to have a good time,” he said. “I thought it would be great to have that colourful, cheery theme.”

Glassford added: “The last time I saw him before the accident was at a teen dance. At the end of the night I had said to him on the microphone, ‘after party at Brayden’s house.’ Everyone laughed, but it was the smile on his face, that’s the last thing I remember before that accident. It’s that energetic, fun-loving kind of personality that I wanted to capture with something bright and exciting.”

Glassford said Musical Strings and Things have donated some some fun lighting for the dance. Glassford said he has also been running the #Pray4Brayden sticker campaign, through his business Wallaceburg Sign and Graphics.

“Just to get some stickers on the back of people’s cars… that’s been going quite well.”

Since the accident, Glassford said he is impressed by how many people have stepped up to help the Fields family.

“The community has done great so far,” he said. “Every time I talk to Julie (Brayden’s mom) she finds it very amazing how a small community can just pull together and do so much. There are even people in the States and people in different areas that don’t even know Brayden on the GoFundMe page, and they’re still pouring their hearts out and adding their amounts to the cause.”

Glassford added: “Everytime I turn around there is a new thing going on in the community. It’s just amazing that a small community can pull together and do so many great things. Wallaceburg should really be proud of what they do. The community definitely has the heart and the motivation, they have what it takes to be a good community.”

Donations are still being accepted online here.

– Photo from Facebook

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