Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Knox soup cellar expanding in Wallaceburg

By Glen Turner – Special to the Sydenham Current

The soup cellar at Knox Presbyterian Church in Wallaceburg that I wrote about last week is going from Mondays… to Mondays AND Wednesdays.

Starting Feb. 10th, Wednesdays will be included as part of the program, offering a great free lunch AND a place to warm up, chat and socialize.

Organizer Michelle MacLean explained that there’s no guarantee that the people who come in on Mondays are not just “as in need the rest of the week”, so, after discussing the idea with the volunteers, it was decided to try out an additional day. The majority of the volunteers said “great idea”, so… it’s a go!

It’ll start off a little different, though… no hot stuff on Wednesdays (for now), but the offering will include sandwiches, pickles, fresh fruit, desserts, and cold and hot drinks. I emphasize “for now.”

The Monday offerings include soups, sometimes wieners and beans, burgers plus all the other stuff! Also, frozen pizzas and bread products have been available too.

According to Michelle, food quantities and the number of volunteers will both be concerns, and it’s hoped that locals will continue to donate financially, with their volunteer time and with supplies to keep the 2-year old program self-sufficient.

Michelle stated that “It will be a real trial. We’ll see if there’s a need, if there are provisions and donations. Only time will tell.”

From what I’ve seen in my short time there at Knox – it should do very very well.

Amazing volunteers, amazing meals… and a great chance for fellowship within the community.

As Michelle described the soup cellar, “It has already taken on a life of its own. We’ll see if it continues to meet some of the needs of our community.”

Even if you can only afford an hour of your time each week, or a few dollars each week… or have some kinds of foodstuffs that could be utilized… get involved! It’s your community too!

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