Thursday, December 2, 2021

Dresden Minor Hockey hands out awards – See Photos

The Dresden Minor Hockey Association held their annual banquet recently, and handed out some hardware to the top players on each team.



No award winners.



No award winners.

Novice LL Maroon­

Novice LL Maroon

Top Scorer and MVP, ­Charlie VanDamme; Best Defenceman­, Kelton Cudney; Most Dedicated­, Kaedyn Pietens; Most Sportsmanlike­, Tyson Lozon; Most Improved,­ Libby Marsh.

Novice LL White­

Novice LL White

Top Scorer, ­Owen Maynard; Best Defenceman,­ Sophie Webster; Most Dedicated,­ Kyle Ross; MVP, Caden Evans; Most Sportsmanlike,­ Blake O’Donohue; Most Improved,­ Tanner Blain.

Novice Rep­

Novice Rep

Top Scorer and MVP­, Derek Nevills; Best Defenceman, ­Mitchell Pegg; Most Dedicated,­ Kameron Kay (absent from photo); Most Sportsmanlike, ­Kohen Pietens; Most Improved­, Nolan Jack.

Atom LL White­

Atom LL White

Top Scorer,­ Xavier Heuvelmans; Best Defenceman, ­Ben VanDamme; Most Dedicated,­ Owen Tuckwell; MVP, ­Max Lucier (absent from photo); Most Sportsmanlike­, Glen Martin; Most Improved,­ Dylan Badder.

Atom Rep­

Atom Rep

Top Scorer, ­Robert Janovicek; Best Defenceman, Tyler June; Most Dedicated­, Leah Gervais; MVP, ­Kylan Casier; Most Sportsmanlike, ­Wesley Jackson; Most Improved,­ Brady VanHooste (absent from photo).

Peewee LL Maroon­


Top Scorer, ­Kaiden Gawne; Best Defenceman, ­Braydon Houston; Most Dedicatedk ­Dante Handsor; MVP, ­Gordon McFadden; Most Sportsmanlike, ­Brayden Badder; Most Improved,­ Cole McCutcheon.

Peewee LL White­


Top Scorer,­ Gabe Heuvelmans; Best Defenceman­, Fraser Heuvelmans; Most Dedicated­, Daniel Grand; MVP, ­Conner Heyink; Most Sportsmanlike, ­Emmerson Robinson (absent from photo); Most Improved,­ Sam Sherman.

Peewee Rep­


Top Scorer,­ Blake Stevens; Best Defenceman, Shayne Logan (absent from photo); Most Dedicated, ­Mac McCutcheon; MVP, Sage Deneau; Most Sportsmanlike, ­Jacob Robinson; Most Improved,­ Cameron Jackson.

Bantam LL

Bantam LL­

Top Scorer,­ Andrew Grant; Best Defenceman,­ Reid Vandenborn; Most Dedicated,­ Daniel Vrabel; MVP,­ Nolan Lucier (absent from photo); Most Sportsmanlike,­ Aaron Pardy; Most Improved,­ Matthew Vince (absent from photo).

Bantam Rep­

Bantam Rep

Top Scorer,­ Zander Wright; Best Defenceman, Carter Law; Most Dedicated, ­Tate O’Leary; MVP, ­Connor Ellis; Most Sportsmanlike, ­Will McKerrall; Most Improved,­ Josh VanDamme.

Midget LL Maroon­

Midget LL Maroon

Top Scorer and Most Dedicated,­ Ryan McKerall; Best Defenceman, ­Brendyn Mardling (absent from photo); MVP, ­Dylan Heyink; Most Sportsmanlike, ­Caleb O’Leary; Most Improved,­ Josh Allosery.

Midget LL White­

Midget LL White

Top Scorer, ­Josh Andrusiak (absent from photo) and Edward Grant (in photo); Best Defenceman ,­Riley VandenBorn; Most Dedicated,­ Jamie Keirsebilck; MVP, ­Scott Glasgow; Most Sportsmanlike, ­Jonathon Kearns; Most Improved­, Jacob Legace.

Midget Rep­

Midget Rep

Top Scorer,­ Brantly Kuipers; Best Defenceman, Derek Heuni; Most Dedicated, ­Noah Fox; MVP, ­Adam Craven; Most Sportsmanlike, ­Tyler Hotham; Most Improved­, Jordan DePauw.

Mason Berube Award Winners­

Mason Berube Award

Clark Woolman and Ian Perry. In photo (left to right): Aaron McCutcheon, Clark Woolman, Ian Perry, Chris Grand.

Gordon Higgs Award and Ken Shaw Award­

Gordon Higgs-Ken Shaw Award

Gordon Higgs Award Winner­, Greg Underwood and Ken Shaw Award Winner,­ Derek Fox­­­­­­.

Dresden Jr. Kings Midget MVP Award­

Jr. Kings MVP Award

Adam Craven­­­­­­ – In photo: Adam Craven, Dave Cameron

– Submitted photos

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