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Board meeting at Sydenham Campus in Wallaceburg, LIVE coverage

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The Sydenham District Hospital Board of Directors are holding a meeting today at the Sydenham Campus of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance in Wallaceburg.

The full agenda can be seen below.

Here are our LIVE tweets from the meeting:

Here is the full agenda for today’s April 11 meeting.

Also, Chair Sheldon Parsons said Dr. Ranjith Chandrasena, Chief of Medical Staff, would be making a presentation at the meeting about meeting with local physicians about the ER service offered at SDH and Willie Kirenko, Vice President/Chief Nursing Executive, would be presenting about her trip to the Atlantic Provinces where an alternative emergency service model was observed.

Open Agenda April 11th, 2016 – 2 West Board Room, Sydenham District Hospital

1. Call to Order and Approval of Agenda

2. Conflict of Interest Declarations and Confidentiality Declarations

3. Approval of Minutes of previous meetings (deferred to next regular meeting)

4. Committee Reports

a) Membership Committee

5. Communications

a) April 6th letter to SDH from PGH and SJH

b) April 7th letter to ESC LHIN from PGH, SJH, CK CHC and CMHA LK

6. Healthcare Services and Level of Services at SDH

7. KPMG (deferred to next regular meeting)

8. !magine and Deficit Reduction Plan

a) Additional Staff Reports:

b) motion to request that SDH present to the LHIN Board on April 26th, 2016

9. Communication Strategy for April 19th Corporation Members’ Meeting

10. Adjournment and Next Meeting

In Camera Agenda April 11th, 2016

1. Alliance Board Governance – legal issues

2. Communications

a. April 6th letter to ESC LHIN from PGH and SJH

Last week, Parsons said some proposed changes made in-camera by the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance about healthcare delivery in Wallaceburg, Walpole Island First Nation and the catchment area “do not meet our minimum expectations.”

Parsons said the SDH board has shared their own views with the other members of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Tri-Board.

“We were presented with a report outlining the way in which healthcare services, in part, and including the emergency department would be delivered to this area and our catchment area. That report did not meet our expectations or the principles that we believed that we should be providing healthcare services.”

Parsons added: “Any change that is being proposed to healthcare services being delivered in our community and our catchment area, needs to meet those conditions and criteria and principles. We intend to promote that on a go-forward basis.”

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