Monday, September 21, 2020

More snowy owl action near Wallaceburg – See photos

When Butch Dompierre heard that some snowy owls were still hanging around the area, his immediate reaction was simple.

Grab the camera.

After capturing some beautiful photos of the birds at the beginning on March, Dompierre decided to head south of Wallaceburg this week to capture some spring-time shots of the birds.

“She’s still here and seems quite healthy,” Dompierre said.

Suzanne Kennedy sent the Sydenham Current of a photo this week of a snowy owl near Tupperville as well.

Here are the photos sent in by Dompierre:

RJD_7023 SnowyOwl160413

RJD_7026 SnowyOwl160413

RJD_7033 SnowyOwl160413

RJD_7034 SnowyOwl160413

RJD_7039 SnowyOwl160413

RJD76810 SnowyOwl160413

RJD76837 SnowyOwl160413

RJD76850 SnowyOwl160413

RJD76851 SnowyOwl160413

RJD76869 SnowyOwl160413

RJD76883 SnowyOwl160413

RJD76924 SnowyOwl160413

RJD76983 SnowyOwl160413

RJD76984 SnowyOwl160413

RJD76986 SnowyOwl160413

– Photo credit: Butch Dompierre


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